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In the realm of internet-based trading, you may have come across the term ‘Anchored VWAP’ on the Thinkorswim platform, a concept formerly restricted to advanced financial literature. This revolutionary feature can serve as your compass in the ever-changing world of contemporary trading, accurately identifying important price levels from a specified historical point.

With the Anchored VWAP, you're not just observing the tides of the market; you're anchoring your strategy to a specific event or trend inception. Whether you're a day trader scrutinizing short-term fluctuations or a long-term investor assessing overall momentum, understanding how to effectively utilize this indicator may just be the linchpin in your trading arsenal.

Yet, the true mastery lies in grasping its nuances and applications—how does one fine-tune this tool to align with their unique trading blueprint, and what are the implications of its use on various timeframes? Consider this your gateway to enhancing your market analysis, where a deeper comprehension of the Anchored VWAP on Thinkorswim might illuminate paths once shrouded in market noise.

Key Takeaways

  • Anchored VWAP is a volume-weighted average price indicator that pinpoints the average price a security has traded at since a chosen significant event.
  • The indicator can be customized and styled on the ThinkOrSwim platform, allowing traders to input specific dates and times to anchor the VWAP and customize the line's style, weight, and color.
  • Anchored VWAP enhances trading performance by providing a unique perspective on the market, conducting technical analysis, identifying support and resistance levels, and aiding in swing trading and understanding market movement.
  • The indicator can be downloaded to the ThinkOrSwim platform, enabling traders to analyze support and resistance levels and incorporate volume data into their analysis.

Understanding Anchored VWAP

To fully grasp how Anchored VWAP can enhance your trading strategy on Thinkorswim, it's crucial to understand that this tool pinpoints the average price a security has traded at, weighted by volume, since a chosen significant event. This significant event is what you select as the anchor date. By doing so, the Anchored VWAP takes into account not just the price but also the importance of the volume from this specific time forward, offering a unique perspective on the market.

On the ThinkOrSwim (TOS) platform, you have the ability to customize this powerful indicator. You can create a new study to build the Anchored VWAP by tweaking the built-in VWAP study. This involves adding anchor inputs and defining conditions that calculate the volume weighted average price from the date you've anchored. This level of customization allows you to analyze price action with precision, tailoring the tool to your trading approach.

The anchored VWAP line isn't just a static figure; it's dynamic, changing with each new trade. It's especially handy for identifying support and resistance levels, which can inform your decisions on where to enter or exit a trade. By comparing your entry and exit prices to the anchored VWAP line, you'll get a clear picture of trade execution quality.

Moreover, pairing the 2-day Anchored VWAP with the V-Score indicator on TOS can highlight historical price reversions, showing when prices are likely to revert back to the mean. This combination is particularly beneficial for traders looking to capitalize on short-term price movements. Remember, the ability to format the Anchored VWAP using thinkScript means you can personalize the style, weight, and color of the line, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your trading setup.

Setup and Customization

personalization and configuration details

Having understood the mechanics of Anchored VWAP and its significance in trading on ThinkOrSwim, let's now explore how you can set up and personalize this indicator to fit your trading style.

The process involves a few straightforward steps that ensure you make the most out of this powerful tool.

  1. Creating a New Study
  • Access the Studies section on the Think or Swim Platform.
  • Choose to create a new study or modify an existing one.
  • Copy and paste the thinkScript code for the Anchored VWAP if it's not already available.
  1. Anchoring the VWAP
  • Within the study settings, input the specific date and time from which you want to anchor the VWAP.
  • This allows you to focus on significant market events, such as earnings reports or major news releases.
  • You can use the Anchored VWAP on various time frames, but remember it's optimized for the daily chart and above.
  1. Customization Options
  • Adjust the style and appearance of the VWAP line to your liking.
  • Set the line weight and color for better visibility against your chart's background.
  • Tweak other parameters like opacity or line type (solid, dashed, etc.).

Trading Strategies Application

implementing effective trading strategies

You can enhance your trading performance by applying the Anchored VWAP indicator within various strategies on the ThinkOrSwim platform. This powerful tool allows you to anchor the volume weighted average price to a specific date and time, offering a customized perspective of market value over a given period. It's particularly useful for conducting technical analysis and identifying potential support or resistance levels.

When swing trading, the Anchored VWAP indicator becomes an invaluable asset. You can choose an anchor that coincides with a market event or the beginning of a trend to gain insight into the market's movement on a longer time frame. This helps in understanding whether the price is above or below the average value since the anchor was set, allowing you to make more informed trading decisions.

For instance, if the price dips below the Anchored VWAP line, it may indicate that the asset is undervalued, presenting a potential buying opportunity. Conversely, if the price is above the line, the market could perceive the asset as overvalued, suggesting a possible selling point. Moreover, watching for a Trend Reversal close to the Anchored VWAP can provide a strategic entry or exit signal.

Remember to combine the Anchored VWAP indicator with other analytical tools like the V-Score indicator for a more comprehensive analysis. The V-Score helps you visualize price reversions back to the mean, complementing your strategy based on the Anchored VWAP.

As you incorporate these tools into your trading on ThinkOrSwim, you'll find that your ability to navigate and profit from the markets significantly improves.

Downloading the Indicator

downloading the indicator file

Before diving into the technical aspects of trading with the Anchored VWAP, ensure you've downloaded the indicator to your ThinkOrSwim platform. The Anchored VWAP is a crucial tool for traders who want to incorporate volume data into their analysis of support and resistance levels.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Accessing ThinkOrSwim
  • Launch the ThinkOrSwim platform on your device.
  • Navigate to the Charts section where you'll be performing your analysis.
  • Building the Anchored VWAP Indicator
  • Go to the 'Studies' section and select 'Create' to build a new study.
  • Start with the built-in VWAP study as your base.
  • Add custom anchor inputs for specifying the date and time.
  • Code conditions to check if the anchor point has been reached.
  • Combine these elements with the VWAP formula to create your Anchored VWAP.
  • Customizing Your Indicator
  • Utilize thinkScript to apply formatting to your VWAP lines.
  • Set your preferred style, line weight, and color for clear visualization.
  • Remember, customization allows you to align the indicator with your trading strategy and visual preferences.

Analyzing Market Trends

understanding market trends deeply

Once your Anchored VWAP is set up on ThinkOrSwim, it's time to analyze how market trends can be interpreted using this powerful indicator. By focusing on anchored VWAP levels, you can gain a clear understanding of how price movements relate to volume over a specific period. This is especially useful for identifying support and resistance levels which are pivotal in gauging the strength of market trends.

When you anchor the VWAP to a specific point, such as the last earnings date or a significant market event, you get a unique perspective on how the market has digested this information over time. Unlike the standard VWAP that resets at the market close each day, the Anchored VWAP allows you to study price action relative to the anchor point across various time periods. This is invaluable for understanding market sentiment and for making informed trading decisions.

For intraday trading, while the Anchored VWAP can be a useful tool, you need to be aware of its limitations on shorter timeframes. In these scenarios, it's crucial to adjust the settings or combine the Anchored VWAP with other indicators to improve performance and avoid potential delayed signals.

Effective use of the Anchored VWAP on ThinkOrSwim involves assessing trade execution quality and identifying areas where the price is likely to revert back to the mean. Remember, this indicator isn't just about tracking trends; it's also about understanding the volume behind those trends, giving you a more robust framework for interpreting market behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Anchored VWAP in Thinkorswim?

Yes, you can use Anchored VWAP for volume analysis and as a trading indicator in intraday trading to confirm trends, set price benchmarks, and refine execution tactics based on chart patterns and market psychology.

How Do I Set up Anchored Vwap?

To set up VWAP, you'll navigate the chart, select your timeframe, integrate volume profiles, and customize for your strategy, whether it's swing trading, intraday analysis, or historical data comparison. Backtest to ensure accuracy.

Is Anchored VWAP Better Than VWAP?

Anchored VWAP isn't necessarily better than VWAP; it offers more precision for trend confirmation, benchmark comparison, and historical analysis, which aids in swing trading, entry points, exit strategies, and understanding market sentiment and liquidity.

How Do I Anchor VWAP Tradingview?

To anchor VWAP on TradingView, you'll select your anchoring points based on market trends or significant events, enhancing your chart analysis, trading efficiency, and strategy for swing trading with this technical indicator.


You've learned the ropes of Anchored VWAP on Thinkorswim, from setting it up to integrating it into your trading strategies.

By now, you can customize it to fit your trading style, download the indicator with ease, and analyze market trends like a pro.

Remember, this tool's great for spotting support and resistance levels, giving you an edge in your trading decisions.

Dive in, leverage its insights, and watch how it can potentially transform your market analysis and outcomes.

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